Flowser on Amazon

### ABOUT Flowser.com ###

*Flowser is a graphical item browser (image browser).
Because it is a browser of the image where flower blooms
Flower + Browser =[Flowser]
It was named "Flowser".

Please enjoy as an interesting tool.

*It is "Flowser On Amazon" to have used this "Flowser" for Amazon.
The retrieval, the display, and the cooperation of data are good at the commodity that has been treated with Amazon according to various angles.
The Amazon shopping of a new sense can be done!

The purchase settlement of the commodity put in the wagon can be held with Amazon.
So,it is possible to purchase it at ease.

Now please enjoy the "Flowser" world !

This site uses and has managed "Amazon Web Service".

### Recommended spec ###

The plug-in of Flash Player 7 or more is necessary to see this site.
Please install it from a left banner.

Windows: Pentium-500MHz
Macintosh: G4-800MHz

To enjoy Flowser comfortably, I will recommend use with the machine with higher spec.

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JackPot, Inc.
Toshiya Nonaka

[Logo design]
Yasunori Nakagawa