Flowser on Amazon

Mode switch

"SEARCH mode" and "Favorite List mode" are switched clicking the mode switch button.


It is possible to retrieve the item freely from among the Amazon commodity group.

1) KeyWord SEARCH >>
2) Tree SEARCH >>

When the item of the favor is found in the search mode, the thing added to "Favorite List" is possible.

It is possible to add original information to the item.

 1) Marking (I have, I want, nothing )
 2) Comment (Your comment can be left)
 3) Ranking (Your ranking)

Favorite List mode

The item group added to "Favorite List" can be inspected by the interface of Flowser.
And,it is possible to edit original information on the item again.

*It is permuted in order of the ranking.
*"RELOAD" Information on a Favorite List can be compulsorily updated with the button.