Flowser on Amazon


1) When the "SEARCH" button is clicked in an empty column.

2) A hot selling commodity item displays it by 3 items according to each category.

3) In addition, when the category icon is clicked, 10 hot selling items of the group display it.

4) Category Icon

[Display page]
(now page)/(all page)

[Arrow button]
The page can be switched when there are a lot of retrieval results by a right and left arrow.
10 pages can be skipped by pushing the arrow long.(and 100 pages)

[RANDOM button]
It is possible to retrieve the commodity on which the desire doesn't depend either by pushing the button.

[TREE button]
Tree branch "Contents" that classifies the category in detail displays it.

It is retrieved based on the "Contents" in the category when "Contents" of the favorite is selected and it clicks.


* As a result of the retrieval of selected "Contents", there might not be commodity item.