Flowser on Amazon

KEYWARD search

1) The key word is input, and it begins the retrieval with the "SEARCH" button.
@This ball is called "SEED".

2) A hot selling commodity item that relates to the input key word displays it by 3 items according to each category.

3) In addition, when the group icon is clicked, 10 hot selling items of the group display it.

4) When you click the anxious item,details of the item display it.

5) It is possible to put it in "Shopping cart" of Amazon.

6) Category Icon

[Display page]
(now page)/(all page)

[Arrow button]
The page can be switched when there are a lot of retrieval results by a right and left arrow.
10 pages can be skipped by pushing the arrow long.(and 100 pages)

[RANDOM button]
It is possible to retrieve the commodity on which the desire doesn't depend either by pushing the button.

Details of the item

* The following information displays to put the mouse pointer on the icon.

Details of the selected comment display it.

[Related key word]
New "SEED" based on the key word appears when clicking.

[Related contents]
New "SEED" based on the contents appears when clicking.

[Related item]
The image of the selected item displays it.

*Commodity item details display

List price, price, discount rate, media, creator name, and supervisor...

Detailed comment and evaluation

It is information on Track in CD and DVD.


* The screen can move by dragging the screen always.